Breakups can be tough, but so are we.


Navigating a breakup can be an emotional rollercoaster that is often accompanied by complex legal issues such as support, custody and property/asset division.

At Kamalie Law, our dedicated team of experienced lawyers are committed to providing clients with comprehensive, tailor-made solutions. Our approach is simple: we make every effort to settle cases early on in order to save time, costs and energy. Where an early resolution is not possible, we aggressively pursue our clients’ interest in the courtroom.

Practice Areas

Spousal Support

Spousal support involves one spouse financially assisting the other after the dissolution of a marriage or common-law relationship. There are several objectives of spousal support.

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Child Support

Child Support is a legal obligation in family law that requires a parent to financially contribute to the well-being of their children, both during and after the parents’ separation or divorce.

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Child Custody and Access

Child Custody and Access are significant areas of family law that pertain to the living arrangements and visitation rights of parents and their children after a separation or divorce.

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Trust Claims

Trust claims play a significant role in family law, and more particularly in the context of property division upon a separation and divorce. The two main types of trust claims are known as Resulting Trusts and Constructive Trusts. 

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An injunction is a court order typically obtained on an urgent basis requiring an individual or entity to do something, or to refrain from doing something. Injunctions are legal tools employed to safeguard the rights of those involved in family law disputes.

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Property and Asset Division

When a married couple separates and divorces, the division of their assets is governed by Ontario’s Family Law Act. The current legal framework aims to distribute assets as fairly as possible – there is no universal method that is applied to each case.

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Separation Agreements

In Ontario, a Separation Agreement is a valuable tool for spouses who wish to part ways on agreed-upon terms instead of spending the time, energy and money fighting one another in court. 

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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law (CFL) refers to a process for resolving family law disputes, including disagreements pertaining to divorce, separation, spousal support, the division of property, and other family law matters. CFL is only a viable option if both parties agree to participate in good faith.

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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Unfortunately, many people are impacted by Domestic Violence and Abuse in the family context, which may have a lasting negative impact on relationships and victims themselves.

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