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Disputes can arise despite best intentions. Whether the dispute is between companies or individuals, a speedy resolution is often the most cost-effective solution. We make every effort to resolve disputes through several methods outside the courtroom such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Where this is not possible, we will not hesitate to assert our clients’ rights by commencing or defending lawsuits. We fearlessly advocate for our clients’ best interests in a strategic and practical manner.

Prior to founding Kamalie Law, Shayan was a litigator at one of the largest firms in Canada where he gained a wealth of experience while handling high-profile cases involving both commercial and civil litigation matters.

Practice Areas

Contract Disputes

Contracts lay at the core of every business. Contrary to popular belief, most contracts do not need to be formally written to be valid. Contracts are often enforceable even if they are agreed to verbally or created through an e-mail or text message exchange.

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Real Estate Disputes

We enter into real estate transactions presuming that everything will run smoothly and we will not have to worry about real estate disputes. Unfortunately, not all transactions close smoothly, this is not always the case.

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Partnership Disputes

When partnerships go wrong, the business is often impacted in a negative manner, which can magnify and add fuel to issues within the partnership.

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Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes arise when the vision of shareholders does not align with the vision of other shareholders, directors and/or officers. Shareholder disputes also arise when a shareholder of a company is treated in an oppressive manner.

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Debt / Loan Recovery

Collecting on an invoice, loan agreement (written or verbal), or other debt can be a difficult and time-consuming task for businesses or individuals.

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Construction Defects

Homeowners can sue contractors/renovation companies for breach of contract arising from their failure to complete the project or negligence where the contractor has not performed their work in a good workmanlike manner.

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Defamation occurs when a statement is made to a third party that is false and damages an individual or organization’s reputation. If defamation is spoken, it is called slander. If it is written, it is called libel.

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Directors & Officers Liability

Serving as a director or officer of a corporation or a non-profit organization can be a tremendous honour, but it also carries with it a tremendous responsibility. After all, it is directors and officers that ultimately drive the corporation forward.

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Any time that you rely on a misrepresentation to your detriment, you may have a claim against the individual or company that made the false statement. In particular, you may be entitled to damages or the ability to rescind a contract you entered into.

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Being the victim of a fraud, or being wrongfully accused of being a fraudster, can be troubling. While most people think of fraud only as a crime, there is, in fact, a private element to a fraud.

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